My Authentic Self-Care Retreats

Self-Care Retreats

My Authentic Self-Care Retreats (MASC) ~ 2019 Dates Coming Soon

Now is the perfect time to remove the mask we all hide behind and discover MASC™, a 4-day life-changing journey where practicing radical self-compassion is priority. It’s your authentic pathway to radical self-compassion.

MASC™ will force you to make choices that honor and reflect the true nature of your authentic self. When you take the time to nourish your mind, body and soul, you replenish your internal well, which enables you to make your greatest contributions to the world. It allows you to give to others from a place of abundance and love.  This retreat takes the meaning of self-care to a new level. 

During the MASC™ Retreat, you will:

  • identify what self-care means specifically for you
  • learn to make yourself a priority without feeling guilty
  • experience opportunities for coaching, yoga, meditation, relaxation, adventure, creativity and play
  • develop your self-compassion care plan and toolkit
  • connect with others on the same journey

Who Should Attend
This retreat is for working moms, healthcare workers, busy executives who desire to make themselves a priority so they can give their very best back to others. 

Retreat Agenda:
Day 1- Explore:   Enter your 4-day journey to authentic self-compassion with an open mind and open heart. Begin to explore what self-care means for you with other retreat participants.
Day 2 Experience:  Assess and create awareness of your current self-care practices though group discussions and group activities.
Day 3 Embrace:   Define and create a plan that energizes and nourishes you inside out.
Day 4 Embark:  Embark and connect with others on the same journey as you prepare to depart through the creation of MASC™ Wisdom Circle.
*Each day allows adequate free time to explore and experience activities such as yoga, meditation, relaxation, adventure, creativity and play.

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