About the Nurse with the Bag

Marcelletta Miles, RN, MBA

Like most of us, I wear many hats. I’m a preacher’s wife, mom, nurse, busy executive, coach, etc,  Most of all, I’m a lover of life, itself.   I’ve been a care giver all my life, even before my nursing career started.

What Makes Me An Expert

In 2014, I decided I had had enough of trying to be like someone else and drowning in stress from work and home.  I knew there was more to life than just getting through the day. That’s when my own transformation began with LIVING in my true God given purpose.  I  started to honor myself first which allowed me to honor my family and colleagues from a place of love and compassion.   I learned about Mindfulness and Aromatherapy. I was happier and healthier and others began to follow my lead.  In 2017, I received the  NCNA Best Practices Award for Self-Care.

How I Can Help You

I work with people who want to let their inner light shine bright and be at their very best.  If you’re ready to  honor yourself and create the life you want, I’m ready to help.